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Pet Food Indictments, Barbero, Etc.

This could be a future Law and Order TV script–the indictment naming Sally Q Miller, 31, a Chinese national, and her husband Stephen, 55,  in the pet food recall involving ChemNutra,  of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Heck, it could even be a CSI!  The recall in 2007 was due to Chinese shipments of wheat gluten tainted with melamine falsely labeled to avoid inspections in China and the U.S .  The melamine was added to boost the protein contained in the wheat gluten to 75% and then sold to pet food companies. Both Millers say they look forward to proving their innocence at trial.  It would be interesting to learn more about this married couple.  For instance–do they have pets?  

Barbaro=s veterinarian is now doing speaking engagements about the famous race horse that we hoped would beat the odds and live a long life.  This was probably the most public and closely watched case in all equine rehabilitation medicine.  Just recently, rehabilitation veterinarians have formed an association and will be holding their first meeting in August.  Most of the 40 members are private veterinarians.  There are even clinics that focus on rehabilitation medicine, from orthopedic surgery to the management of chronic arthritis.  Rehabilitation medicine can involve nutrition, behavior, hydrotherapy and even acupuncture. 

We have been living with lots of prejudice in the dog world and taking it for granted–but should we?  There are some people who turn up their nose at the idea of owning a small dog and just as many who would never own a big dog!  We could call them Asizists@.  Of course, there are those who would only own a pure-bred and just as many who believe the best dogs are mixed breeds.  And, it goes further than that.  Some will look with pity on anyone who does not own a terrier and others who think only a hound will be suitable as a best friend.  We could call them Abreedists@.  Within the world of purebred dogs there are prejudices associated with kennel names which can be synonymous with bloodlines .  For example, at one time everyone who owned a Salilyn Springer was a tad above those who owned a Telltale Springer.  A like prejudice exists today in the mixed breed world .  For example, there are those who will only own Labrador/Shepherd mixes!  The rescue and humane groups have created this distance in their world, too.  It is better to own a Arescue@ than a dog from your neighbor=s litter or a dog that wandered into your backyard.  And those adopting dogs apparently prefer not to take a black dog.  Some believe the color makes a dog=s eyes appear less expressive.  There is even a BBD syndrome (big black dog), according to Chris Leavins.  In order to overcome this challenge, shelter personnel have begun to tie bandanas around the necks of even medium-sized black dogs.   We have forgotten that all dogs are full of love and loyalty for people and never look at who we are or what we were or who our parents might have been.  We are created equal in their eyes.  We should follow their example.

I have been receiving phone calls from dog owners who want to register their ACA dog with the AKC.  There is an AKC program to do just this.  Contact David Roberts at  In my opinion the AKC choice is the best one.  AKC registration opens doors to more events for owner dog sharing and helps in tracking health problems.  It also adds to the dollar value of your best friend in case of an accident or death.

I applaud listing pets in people obituaries as surviving family members.  Now we need to add the phrase Adonations may be made to” for  pet care. We forget that many of our older pet owners have older pets who have expensive care attached to their lifestyle.  We all can=t leave our pets $3M apiece as Oprah did but this might help make our last years more peaceful.  Surviving family members aren=t always as aware of our bond with our pets and its importance.

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