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Sherry’s Corner » “Recover CPR”: The New CPR

“Recover CPR”: The New CPR

IMPORTANT:  Less than 6% of the dogs and cats that experience cardiopulmonary arrest in the hospital survive.  To improve outcomes the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society have issued new guidelines called the Recover CPR Initiative (JAVMA, July 15).

Perform 100 to 120 chest compressions per minute of one-third to one-half of the chest width with the animal lying on the side. Ventilate incubated dogs and cats at a rate of 10 breaths per minute; for mouth-to-snout ventilation maintain a compression-to-ventilation ratio of 30 to 2. Perform CPR in 2-minute cycles, switching the person performing the compressions with each cycle. Administer vasopressors every 3 to 5 minutes during CPR.

EARLY ARTHRITIS DETECTION IN DOGS AND OWNERS. An early detection test for arthritis is showing promise for both dogs and people–before signs of disease are evident.  The test analyzes synovial fluid to determine whether a patient is developing the disease in a specific joint to predict the potential severity of the disease and to determine response to treatment.

MRI AND DOG. I was interested to read that the latest testing in our best friends involves the MRI.  Of course, it is the brain being imaged and not the abdomen.  The dog is in a “stay” command and responds to a simple command which can be imaged.  Having had many MRIs myself I have to wonder about the noise.  In human subjects head phones block out the noise and music is played according to the subject’s preference.  Wonder what the dogs listen to and how that factors into the results.  When I read the study I thought of veterinarian Bruce Ilgen, an innovative past president of the PVMA.  He believed that a dog that had passed the CGC evaluation gave more reliable results during routine exams because of their experience with such commands as “stay” and avoidance of reaction to distractions.  CGC titled dogs are better patients!

CANINE CALENDAR:  July 27, 28–the Lackawanna Kennel Club Show on the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds and on the 29th, the Bald Eagle Kennel Club Show and the Williamsport Dog Training Club.

August 25 and 26th–Mid-Susquehanna Kennel Club Show in Middleburg.

September 11–TRAINING PUPPIES FOR HOMELAND SECURITY  on the University of Pennsylvania Grey’s Ferry campus in Philadelphia the Penn Vet Working Dog Center ( is collecting and analyzing genetic, behavioral, training and physical data to improve the success of detection dogs vital for our national security.  The Center is searching for puppies to enroll in a foundation training program to open in the fall.  All of the pups will have foster homes and only positive reinforcement methods will be used. Application: http//  Sarah Griffith 215-898-2211.

UP AT 5:30 TO WALK THE DOGS–and to bed at 10 PM. This is the day of Cesar Millan and this is the last year of the Dog Whisperer.  After 9 years the dog educator who didn’t speak English when he came to this country as an illegal alien 20 years ago, sleeping under an underpass, has decided on a new mission–rehabilitating abandoned dogs and making sure they have new homes.  Cesar Millan says dogs are “secret entrances into people’s lives” and so through mostly positive reinforcement he made dog-owning a joy for millions of TV viewers.  His new mission was brought on by the need to re-home dogs and personally by the death of his beloved “Daddy” and an unexpected divorce. His friends say Cesar felt “abandoned” and took to more exercise to work through the sorrow in his life–advice he would give others. The new show will debut in January 2013 on NatGeoWILD. Topics include rehabilitating bomb detection dogs and dogs that protect lions. Meanwhile his youngest son Calvin will have his own show.

Tape this year’s shows and get ready for the younger “dog whisperer”.

October 20th 21st–AKC Meet The Breeds at the Javits Center, New York City.  160 breeds of dogs and 50 breeds of cats.

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