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Long ago, the symbol of the Pennsylvania SPCA was a woe-be-gone dog named Tramp. Tramp carried his possessions in a bag attached to a stick balanced against his shoulder. He was the symbol of the homeless, the stray dog. As the SPCA grew, Tramp began to wear clothes. During World War II he dressed up as Uncle Sam and once he even donned a cap and gown and graduated from school–presumably obedience school. I wonder if Tramp is still alive, still the symbol of the homeless, and what he looks like! Most importantCI wonder if Tramp ever found the Aguaranteed good home@. As one who has whelped litters of puppies I am thrilled that the PSPCA can guarantee that its dogs and cats can be placed in Aloving forever homes@ (Director of Branch Adoptions, Chad Weaver). Finding loving forever homes is the most difficult part of raising puppies. I hope the executive board shares this priceless information with all dog lovers. Does Tramp have a Pennsylvania covered bridge for sale, too?


The Morris Animal Foundation has announced an essay contest honoring veterinarians. The contest is sponsored by Hill=s Pet Nutrition, Veterinary Practice News Magazine, Dog Fancy, and Cat Fancy. The contest runs from June 1 to August 31 and in 300 words should address: 1. The veterinarian=s outstanding clients, 2. commitment to the human-animal bond, 3. service to community, and 4. service to the veterinary profession. For rules and to enter online, go to Entries can also be mailed to the Morris Animal Foundation, Thank Your Vet Contest, 10200 E. Girard Ave., Ste. 8430, Denver , Colorado 80206. For a printed copy of the rules call 800.243.2345. The Morris Animal Foundation funds over 1,400 humane animal health studies to protect, treat, and cure companion animals. Hills Pet Nutrition paired with the Morris Animal Foundation in the 1940s when Mark Morris, DVM, created a special food for a seeing eye dog, Buddy, who had kidney disease. This began the prescription diets now sold through veterinarians and include r/d (weight loss), j/d for dogs with arthritis, t/d a food for tartar control, and the famed b/d for older dogs who are in the beginnings of senility.


One of my very favorite books and videotapes is titled ACalming Signals@.

They say there was no warning–but there always is. For example, in the ATurning of the head@, the signal can be a swift movement, turning his head to the side and back, or the head can be held to the side for some time. It can be just a tiny movement or the whole head clearly to one side. Your dog may use head turning when another dog is approaching him to tell the other dog to calm down. Maybe your dog was approached too fast, or directly head on instead of in a curve. His head may turn if you stoop over him. Maybe he turns his head but stands still, which tells you about his discomfort. You can use head turning yourself when a dog starts to get worried or frightened when you approach him. When a scared dog starts to bark or growl at you, turn your head.@ Once when Dixon was sitting in my livingroom he picked up this book and, while reading it, fell asleep!

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