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Sherry’s Corner » Corbett Healthcare of Canines

Corbett Healthcare of Canines

      I hear a lot about Obama care but not nearly enough about CORBETT HEALTHCARE OF CANINES–responsible whenever a story surfaces about animal cruelty and neglect.  Take the Ambrosias, who rescued and cared for over 100 Chihuahuas.  At least these dogs were warm last winter while puppies froze in uninspected puppy mills. No inspections since July 1, 2011Another example–the Frackville dogs.  Our dog law enforcement officers were spread too thin and not able to keep up with enforcement duties.  The number of carcases from this facility alerted a veterinary hospital and finally officials that there was a bigger problem.  What other signals of official indifference are we missing as dog lovers struggle to care for the uncared-for? Dare we look at our state and local elected officials?  The incompetent Dog Law Director, whose main professional credential was being a bank teller, now has a job in the correctional department because she issued a kennel license to someone convicted of animal cruelty.  Yes, that is illegal.  Michael Pechart, a top aide to Agriculture Secretary George Greig, is now stepping in until there is a new appointee to the $80,000/year job.  Wonder what Pechart’s qualifications are besides farming?  Wonder if he is following the same “do nothing” mandate from the Governor’s office?

BRUCELLOSIS IN SNYDER COUNTY. Brucellosis, a bacterial disease, has been found in Snyder County. This disease can cause sterility in either sex at any age.  Infected dogs can have a poor coat, seem depressed, and have painful joints.  However, dogs may show no signs of illness and still infect other dogs.

BANK OF AMERICA TIES WITH HSUS. Sixty dollars from each Bank of America credit card is earmarked for HSUS.  However, it has been reported that less than 1% of this sum goes to animal care, yet ties have not severed between the two giants.  According to the Bank of America, “people believe HSUS helps animals and they like carrying a card with dogs and cats on it.”

TDI at GROOM EXPO.  New this year at Groom Expo in Hershey–TDI testing in the parking garage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, cost $10, paid to TDI.  Contact Peggy Crawford at or 864-303-7172.

HELPING AND LEARNING. Joining the local CART opens doors to countless learning experiences that will allow you to help dogs in need. M. J. Moss has been able to gain training in shelter management that has allowed her to be a valuable asset when there are pets that need help.  Moss accompanies law officials when they need to remove pets. There are courses in body language and training in the newest material on dog bites and children.  Most of these courses have minimal fees or are free.   

PET SITTER CHOICE. Since my illness 7 years ago the Spaniels and I have had a half dozen pet sitters.  The best ones have had a strong background in sporting dogs, whether they had any other certificates or training or insurance.  I think this is important.  Know the breeds your sitter has had experience with.  Someone with a pit bull or strong terrier background would not be a good fit for me.  Also, choose someone with a strong connection to a veterinary hospital, and telephone back-up access if possible.  Your pet’s hospital should be the first choice for references. A solid client base is also important.  The number of pets they pet-sit for or how busy they are is not necessarily a reliable indicator of the quality of the care they will provide.  Sometimes the offering of this latter sort of information serves as a warning that your dog is just a number and not the wonderful person you know needs extra TLC because you are not there. 


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