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Rabies, Medications, and a Loss to the Local Dog Community

THREE to remember. 1. The first case of rabies in pets–Lionville cats–has been diagnosed. 2. Dog law officers are surveying for licenses. Be ready. 3. Scranton is looking at passing breed-specific legislation and asking for help. This terrible form of canine discrimination is coming closer and closer to our area.

Dog Owners SHOULD take care when giving pet medications

An interesting article on giving medications to pets seems an important one to share. According to the article’s author, dosage is important because many medications must reach a certain level in the bloodstream before they become effective. Always find out whether medications need to be given on an empty or on a full stomach. Before powdering a pill and sprinkling it on the food remember some pills have a protective coating that may play a role in delayed release of the medication. Often pet owners stop giving medication when they see improvement. This can be counterproductive especially with antibiotics. Antibiotics fail when not enough is given or they are given over too short a time. Also, this can lead to the development of resistant strains of bacteria which may make the infection more difficult to control the next time. Pay attention to how the medication affects the pet=s appetite, consistency and frequency of stool and urination and ask how soon you may expect to see improvement.

The most recent court case involving the value of a pet stems from a medication situation. Interestingly, it is about two Vermont cats that were diagnosed with hypertension. The cats died soon after they began treatment and the owners sued the veterinarians and the pharmacy for noneconomic damages, citing breach of contract and negligence as well as loss of companionship and society, severe emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress. According to an article in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) the American Kennel Club (AKC) noted that the courts won=t allow a person to collect emotional loss damages for wrongful injuries to friends, siblings, and other important relatives. The AKC has urged the Vermont court to stick with traditional law.


Those of us who participated in the AKC performance events that had Jim Rau as a superintendent knew Dale Berkheimer. I met him hundreds of years ago when his dog of choice was a Boston Great Dane. He was an important part of founding the Mid-Susquehanna Valley Kennel Club. There were no kennel clubs locally in those days and he helped to found all local AKC performance events. Dale=s obituary not only mentions surviving human family but the surviving dog family and the GrandDogs and Great GrandDogs. I hope someone writes about my dogs like that. I believe in spay/neuter but I also feel we need to acknowledge good breeders. They are an endangered species. One last note–Jim Rau will forever stand high in my memory for creating the first and only Canine Good Citizen qualifying ribbons. He was told to cease doing so by the American Kennel Club and he did. I still have a few samples and they are truly creative and beautiful. Connie has some also. My favorite is the one with a rainbow- colored ribbon because a Canine Good Citizen represents all of the qualities and colors of companion dogs.

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