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Sherry’s Corner » Lions and Tigers and Dogs and Cats–Oh My! Protecting Both Wild and Companion Animals

Lions and Tigers and Dogs and Cats–Oh My! Protecting Both Wild and Companion Animals

      Sales of a new premium postage stamp are helping support international wildlife conservation projects for tigers, great apes and other species.  The U.S.  postal service began offering Save Vanishing Species stamps last September.  An illustration of an Amur tiger cub is featured on the first stamp and costs 55 cents.  A commitment to the stamp will demonstrate that Americans really care about wildlife conservation.  KEEPING DOGS SAFE JUST GOT HARDER.  Due to problems with Novartis–which one veterinarian calls possible “sloppiness”–some of our most effective medications will be on back order.  These include Interceptor, Sentinel, Program, MitebMite and Deramaxx.  My veterinarian informed me that the company did not believe they would be back on the shelves until June.  He will dispense Heartguard instead. But, remember Heartguard contains Ivermectin which is fatal for some breeds.  Do discuss this situation with your veterinarian.  Some veterinarians are holding supplies back for in-need patients.  This year’s weather makes it imperative to protect against heartworm–and since there is a shortage of immiticide, the drug used in heartworm treatment, prevention must be seriously considered.  Also Clomicalm–another Novartis product–may have a packaging issue that could be dangerous.  Again, this is something to discuss with your veterinarian since Clomicalm is commonly prescribed in cases of separation anxiety.  All these precautions have given us a new word–PHARMACOVIGELANCE.  And do be cautious with spot-on flea and tick prevention products.  Use as directed.  The label has been changed to include the information that a product may be used only on dogs or only on cats or may be used on both.  A spot-on product could be an undetected killer accidentally or on purpose. 

      I sometimes wonder if we care for pet medications as efficiently and safely as possible.  Unused medications may be discarded in the trash where they may become a danger to both humans and animals.  Pharmaceutical drugs also have been turning up in the environment–even in drinking water.  Pet medicines should be part of community collection programs.  So many of us own pets and we have these medications in our homes.  And, in fact–some of the same medications such as Lasix are used to treat both owner and pet.    

      Why not communicate your questions and concerns with e-mail.  Many veterinarians give clients the option of e-mailing them with questions.  Perhaps this would be a good time to urge your veterinarian to make this service available.  But, remember–there have to be ground rules when e-mail is an option.  No instant messaging, but a one- to two-day turn-around should be expected.  No urgent matters and no “what is your diagnosis questions”.  And, definitely, no photos, jokes and cutesy messages.  

SHOULD WE BRING BACK THE DRAIZE TEST?  There was a time when animal testing of drugs and other products was the rule.  This was exemplified by white rabbits confined while suffering eye problems caused by various cosmetics and other products.  This disappeared and many products now contain a disclaimer that no live animal testing was used.  (I suspect some products are still tested on animals in countries that do not have such a ban.) But, perhaps live animal testing should be permitted until we can fund the FDA to make sure our products are safe for all living things and not just computers. 





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